Forever I Need You (itunes & Google Play)

Forever I Need You (itunes & Google Play)

Fresh fusion of Latin, techno and pop styles and the unvarnished truth in their lyrics. Having co-written all of the songs, Peter n Lili presents the English version of their "Peter n Lili" Album.

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1.Forever I need You
2.Take me home
4.Because of You
5.Count Down
6.When you’re with me
7.He’s the way
8.Your Love
10.Tell me (Romantic)

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Productor: Mike Rosario 
/ Autores: Peter n Lili, Mike Rosario, Jose Garces Jr. y Robert Amaya /
Músicos: Mike Rosario, Baba Elefante, Rick Musalam y Peter Torres 
/ Hits de Radio: Because of You, Forever I need you y Scandalous